Why a Good Sea Wall is Important

Finding good sea wall repair in New York is not only important for aesthetic purposes; it is crucial for safety reasons. Sea walls may look invincible, but they are in fact subject to a wide array of damages. A poorly constructed or deteriorating sea wall can endanger passerby, injure those you care about, and incur high costs. Here are some reasons why sea walls typically go wrong, and some signs you can look out for in deciding whether or not your sea wall needs to be repaired:

Shoreline Erosion: The purpose of sea walls is to protect the coast from the destructive interaction between land and water. However, because the sea wall is exposed to the same damaging forces that the shoreline was once subjected to, proper installation and repair is crucial. It is also important to remember that sea walls are long-term solutions, but also not permanent solutions. Ongoing monitoring of these structures by qualified professionals is vital in ensuring the utmost safety.

Improper Drainage and Inadequate Tiebacks: These are two of the most common reasons for sea wall repair. Over time, ground pressure and/or water retention of the wall (poor drainage) causes the sea wall to shift. This can eventually allow for ice damage when the temperature changes and it is imperative to address as soon as possible.

Materials Don’t Last: Sea walls are constructed from a wide variety of materials, including concrete, steel sheet pile, vinyl, wood, coral rock, aluminum, and more. Every kind of material is subject to its own repairing needs, and catching these from the beginning will prevent costly replacement.

For example, wood is subject to decay, feeding water creatures, and wear-and-tear from the constant movement of the waves. Steel rusts. Concrete is prone to cracking due to prolonged land pressure. Aluminum, like steel, eventually corrodes and breaks down due to a reaction to the minerals in seawater.

It’s also important to keep a close eye on soil loss, sinking, rotation, or cracking. These signs could be indicators of damage or erosion, and should be repaired immediately.

Maintaining and Repairing: Finding a Quality Company

Salt of the Earth, Inc. provides quality sea wall repair in New York. We are fully licensed and insured, and are equipped to handle anything Mother Nature throws our way with our professionalism, experience, and reliability.

Whether your sea wall requires construction, repairs, or maintenance, we cover residential and commercial applications, drainage methods, installation of Coir Logs and wetland plantings to prevent coastal erosion, and much more. We can also obtain all the necessary permits and engineered drawings as required.

Nothing is more important than ensuring the safety of friends and family. When it comes to sea wall maintenance, it is critical to choose a company that will give you professionalism, efficiency, and—most importantly—sea wall repair services that you can trust.




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